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Kanye West Is An

Couldn’t have said it better myself google. Tonight at MTV’s VMA’s (who gives a shit, I know) Kanye so graciously grabbed the mic from Best Female Video Award winner, 19 year old Taylor Swift, in support of Beyonce’s video Single Ladies.

He then proceeded to shoot off at the mouth like a child demanding his say. When did it become okay for a grown ass man to have a tantrum?  Not up on this celebrity gossip shit, but I’ll leave you with this. Am I the only one who thinks beaver whenever Kanye’s on tv? He has brace face. You know, the puckering, protruding lips of someone who is trying to hide their dental gear by forcing their lips down over it.


Kanye/A.Rose Celebrity Scoop

I usually don’t do this type of thing but tonight was a slow night, and I just happened to come across the biggest celebrity scoop to hit the corner of Blog&who gives a fuck .

First pictures of Amber Rose and Kanye West TOGETHER, if you catch my drift.

picture 1

picture 2

I’ll be back to regular posting soon-nycifyouare