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Laser Etching At Gizmodo Gallery

I haven’t been able to sit down and write anything because of class, apartment hunting, and my current living situation. However, I see more blogging happening this week. That is If you’re all good little boys and girls and there’s no acting up on the drive home. I swear to god I will turn this car around god damnit.

Last week I attended the second annual Gizmodo Gallery. Gizmodo showcases some of todays more interesting fringe technology, along with some old classics. There were painting robots, a 3d printer, and of course the obligatory 103 inch plasma tv tooting Halo in the back.

Phil Torrone with AdaFruit was kind enough to lend his time, and his laser etcher to Gizmodo fans looking for a cheap way to score an etched gadget. I brought my macbook pro. There was a small donation fee (25 bucks down from 100) all of which went towards Engineers Without Boarders. My friend CNTGZ really fucking pulled through last minute and designed an amazing Guatama Buddha for me.

Here are the results:

thanks to CNTGZ, Phil from Adafruit, and everyone at Gizmodo. wadup!


Why Heathrows Driverless Car System Could Never Work In NYC

So Heathrow is getting these futuristic driverless Cars to taxi people between terminals and parking lots, and other shit that you find around airports (Cinnabon? Duty Free shop?) Pretty amazing, considering they appear to run on a rail-less system. They even have touch screens. AND YOU KNOW YOU LIKE TOUCH SCREENS. If the Driverless Car System at Heathrow proves to be successful we might see this kind of thing on a bigger scale, perhaps even around cities. To be honest, I doubt we could pull it off if NYC. At one point or another they would turn into luxury mobile homes for the homeless/portable toilets. What appears to be a Driverless Car from the future will in fact be the warmest, most sheltery-est, half-twin sized bed in NYC. And do we really want them, anyway? A Driverless Car will have a mandated speed limit that it will be unable to surpass. You won’t be able to offer it a ‘really big tip if it can get there in ten minutes.’ Where’s the fun in riding around in a taxi, if you’re not zipping between cars, and clinging to your seat; afraid for your life? The fun is nowhere…that’s where.
I know what you’re thinking.
G: This is why we can never have nice things!. There, I said it.

via Gizmodo