Youssouf Drame Is a NYC Bad Ass

“I Didn’t come to America to die” Youssouf told the NYTimes. Mr.Drame had killed two men who attempted to rob his store.

but Youssouf Drame isn’t a cold blooded killer. He’s the owner of Crown Heights Electronics. When four men entered his store last November, one shouting “Don’t do anything stupid Africa” Drame grabbed the mans gun and BLATBLATBLAT’d him in the face-hole. Perhaps you should stop and think before you rob someone who immigrated from Senegal.

What I think is fascinating about Drame is that, even after being shot 7 times, and murdering two men in self defense, he seems to have a pretty firm grasp on the situation at hand. I really do have respect for Youssouf Drame, and it’s not because he can stand his own ground. According to the NYTimes, many shop owners who had held similar stand offs come out shell shocked, and depressed. It seems unjust that they end up living a life of regret for something that wasn’t really in their power to control.

You’re probably wondering if Mr.Drame thinks what he did was wrong. With five kids to feed, and a long life ahead of him he doesn’t have much to regret. When asked if he would have done it all again, Youssouf simply replied “I’d do worse.”

via NYTimes


3 responses to “Youssouf Drame Is a NYC Bad Ass

  1. you go youssouf!!!!

  2. If this cat’s life doesn’t work out as a store owner, he should try BURGER KING cause he likes having it “his way!”

  3. yeah, but when you own your own store you dont have to wear a shirt to work.

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