Between the Surreal and Reality Lies.. A Decent Enough Place to Stay

I’ll go back to the story next time. Just wanted to break it up a bit.
but anyway.

I dont know what happened. No one is really getting back to me about apartments on Craigs List. At first the emails were pouring in. I figured renters were in demand and I could pick and choose where I would be staying this coming September. Maybe I shouldn’t have overlooked some of my previous bidders.

So, rather than posting a room wanted ad I’ve been sifting through the rooms available section. Some places seem too good to be true, with their “spacious bedrooms” and “giant living rooms”, “personal bathroom” and “amazing roomates.” On the other end of the spectrum there are the “look I’m just going to be perfectly honest with you” apartments.

The problem with finding a room on Craigs List is that there are very few apartments located between the surreal and the reality. if an apartment looks too good to be true, it probably is, or if the previous renter is being “completely upfront” then you’re going to be living in a shit hole.


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