The Best Part About Getting Evicted

So I’m getting evicted.
and that’s really shitty.

But to be honest, I’m pretty excited to be moving out. New people, new scenery.
Anyway, I’ve decided a good place to start would be posting an ad on craigslist. I did, and it went something like this:
Hey, My name is X-X-X and I’m looking for a place to stay Sept—>THE FUTURE!!! My lease is running out and I’m looking to find something new.
Like going out in moderation, and I’m a student so I may sometimes become a recluse around mids and finals.
love biking, painting, drawing, writing, trying new things
If you’re looking for a roommate let me know
Well if you want to know anything else you can email me at
or check out my facebook (Search: My Name, the college I pretend to still go to even though I dropped out and I’m in community college)

ps like animals, but dont have any. (LOLZ)

or something along those lines. I haven’t really posted an ad like this before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Turns out the best part about getting evicted are the responses you get on Craigs List to your wanted post. Check out these hot rocks:

Two Rad Dudes

We are two rad dudes who enjoy the finer things in life like loud
music, hanging with our adorable pitbull named Chief Brody, and good
herbs. We are looking for a roommate who is more or less on the same
page as us regarding these things. We don’t usually party at home and
we don’t bring the party home so there is nothing to worry about in
that department.

The room for rent is in our basement so unfortunately there are no
windows, but there is plenty of space for you to get crazy in. The
room is also connected to our living room, but we have made a door so
that its now separated. We would really like to share the living room
but be we will definitely respect your privacy. The basement has
rather low ceilings but also has a 1/2 bathroom.

If you cannot handle loud metal, have a pet allergy, or just suck at
life, do not apply!

Though I do love to get crazy I feel like a basement room with a low ceiling, and no windows isn’t necessarily conducive to said desire. I am however curious about Chief Brody.

for those who don’t remember, the Original Chief

I might not be right for Two Rad Dudes but I wish them luck in finding someone. There are enough faceless 21/m’s on craigslist so I’m sure something will come up.

Lonely From London

The apartment is located at……..-and I confidently tell you that you will enjoy staying.

A lil about me..I am SX-X-X- BX-X-X-X born in London ,single and in my
late 20’s,i love reading,travelling and meeting new people especially
neat love going to the pubs too though i don’t take
alcohol and don’t drink but believe me am a good dancer and am easy to
get along with..I am into events planning and marketing.I spend most
of my time with my boyfriend.I hope we are at the same maturity
level,stable occupation, responsible, reliable,respectful.Could you
tell me a lil bout you too?

Well, I’m no grammar nazi but the writing in this letter really makes me want to stay away. That, and the fact that half her letter sounds like Bullshit. But I can typically look past that, since we’re all full of shit when it comes down to it. I mean I can look past the fact that she’s single at the beginning of the letter and has a boyfriend towards the end, claims that she loves to read, but misspells ‘travelling’ in the same breath, says she doesn’t drink but get’s along with people (unheard of.) However I have this strange feeling that I was being flirted with via the Room Wanted section of Craigs List. Maybe I sound like a total dick bad right now but she does say she’s single in the first line of her reply, and follows by saying she doesn’t need to be drunk to be a good dancer. shit. I’m just jealous though. I can’t dance without a bakers dozen worth of beers in me, and even then I’m just barely pull off a half decent “Elaine.” Maybe I should have put her in touch with Two Rad Dudes. I’m sure she’d be more than happy to live in The Dungeon of Get Crazy.

Though I will admit that I am a little bum that I have to move, the hunt will continue. Thanks for the laughs guys. Now let’s grab a drink!

no. cheers to YOU, Lonely From London


5 responses to “The Best Part About Getting Evicted

  1. you’re hilarious. you brighten my work day. she’s 25 and chunky. its alright. they need lovin too

  2. haha that’s pretty entertaining for the housing section. You should definitely try posting for the women seeking men section. No matter how serious you are about not wanting a loser who is bald, 49 and fat, you will definitely get about 100 of them. Thats how I spend MY saturdays…

  3. Heh. I think you’ll find that we spell travelling with two “l”s here in the UK. Just like we spell colour and metre properly differently too.

  4. Oh, I will make a note of that. I should really start putting more thought into my blog, rather than just spewing hate.

  5. i am laughing at your responses! too bad you actually NEED a place, bc this is a great way to laugh. good luck!

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