Irrational Fears? The Internet is Not Your Friend

So I was doing some random googling today, as I often do, when I find myself at the end of my porn rope (harhar) and I found myself looking through an encyclopia of phobias. It was more of a list then anything actually, so in the spirit of google I started looking up some of the phobias that I thought were interesting (hilariously debilitating.) One website was dedicated to those who are afraid of hair, another for people who are afraid of air pockets (AWESOME!) I noticed that neither of these websites actually addressed the phobia, or any of its symptoms.

Taking a closer look I began to notice a pattern. None of the websites directly addressed the phobias\. They usually spoke in generalities. Most of these pages said things like “Is your irrational fear causing you distress?” or “Are you tired of pricey therapy that hasn’t CURED you?” I began clicking some of the links on these pages and there it was. What all of them had in common.



They linked to a websites advertising psycho-therapy alternatives, such as time-line therapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and the best of the bunch “energy therapy.” I’m not a psychologist. I’m not even that well educated to be honest, but I’m pretty sure this is a fuckin scam. Back to googling porn. I’m sure it’s cheaper than some of the crud those sites are peddling.

ooo, ashhcroft

Isn’t it great that someone out there decided to build a series of webpages that would prey on hypocondriacs and the mentally ill alike? That they set them up cookie cutter style so that some poor worried doll sitting at her computer, worried that the sky is falling, might stumble apon their website and fork over dough for their energy therapy? Maybe we should be afraid of the http://www.  oh the world we live in… HAPPY GOOGLING ; )


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