Doing Your Taxes Online: A guide to Getting e-Fucked

or is it i-fucked?

So NY supports free fill, a program which allows residents to file their taxes online for free using popular software like turbotax etc. These websites use a process call e-file to send the data to the IRS and state gov. If you start filing your Federal taxes first you’ll most likely start on the IRS website where you’re directed to So you fill out your tax information. Supplement data for your W2’s and whatever other information you need to supply. You sign it electronically then send it off. Then you try to do your state taxes online. You start on the state tax website On the webste they provide you with a list of websites that support the free fill program and use e-file. The problem is you’ll try and use these websites and find out you can’t just e-file your state taxes. You have to file your federal and state together. Oh, and doesn’t support state taxes. So now you have to do your state taxes by hand. that’s how you get efucked 🙂


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