Bike Folly

disclaimer: niche rant coming.

My front wheel got crushed
the axel on my new (used) front wheel rusted.
the new axel is too long and the cones come loose constantly.
The only shop on the upper west side selling wheel bearings sells 25 for 5 dollars.
my left pedal squeeks because the bearings fell out.
After moving a tire and tube to a new room the wheel went flat over night.
My Front wheel is far from true.

Roger, at Pedal Pusher at 1306 2nd Ave charged me 86 dollars on the 17th for a lock I had bought on the 10th and returned on ::drum roll:: the 17th.
The best part is, thinking I had money in my checking account I bought groceries and a metrocard, and now I owe 300 dollars in insufficient funds to chase.

Luckily my bank manager is helping me fight some of the fees and we will call Pedal Pushing Mutha Fuckers tomorrow to clear some shit up.

for the first time the bank isn’t the bad guy.

snobbery has reached an all time low

p.s. He didn’t refund me until early May. this happened in April. Great job!


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