Angry Nudist Blog Returns After Claims of Never Returning

Nudist blog, All Nudist, returned to NYC, If You Are after clearly stating they would “never be back.”

Caught In typographaction

Lies Caught In typograph-action



One local had this to say: “You know, it really makes you wonder about the credibility of a nudist blog when they say one thing and then completely do another. I mean it really makes you think, should I really trust these people? They can’t even bother to remove their sweaty privates from their inner thighs long enough to slip into a pair of shhpants and enjoy a meal of Big Macs and McFlurry’s. 

Indeed. It really makes you think.


Look. This blog isn’t about slandering Nudist blogs, or anyone for that matter, nor is it a second rate take of The Onion.

The purpose of this blog, for me, is to exercise a commitment to daily journaling, and for you a One Stop Shop and Slop for cute “off the beaten track” kitten vids, and art tits.

anyway, enjoy.

  this one hasn’t broken a million views just yet. Let’s get it there baby’s.


vintage tats

vintage tats

Yeah, you know you like these. They may be from the 20’s but guess what? They’re still hatt tats.


One response to “Angry Nudist Blog Returns After Claims of Never Returning

  1. Mehahahaha why do folks even bother?

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