Angry Nudist Blog Not Pleased With Google Results

In response to previous blog “this will get me hits on my blog,” “All Nudist”; a blog about all things nude responded:


In response “NYC, If You Are” had this to say:


GET THE FUCK OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE. I don’t care if you won’t be back. 

I could give less of a fuck if I have CONTENT, on my FREE WORDPRESS BLOG. 

And who are you to say what content is? Actually, the writers at All Nudists are fuckin pros. Did you dudes see that blog about the couple who was too lazy to get dressed to go to Mcdonalds? They’re addicted to nudity!

So next time you’re googling anus, or cunt, and you come across something other than Nudist based content, maybe you can do us all a favor and not be so fucking high strung. Considering the internet is 90% pornography you should probably be prepared.


2 responses to “Angry Nudist Blog Not Pleased With Google Results

  1. Nice posting, elegant prose. Actually, ran across you from a WordPress tag related to Naturism… We don’t cruise the web for porn, though it’ fine with us if you do. Each to his/her own. We’re quite happy with other. Love & peace, Angie & Steve

  2. I know this is old but it’s frickin hilarious. Mad random beef. These guys was really goin in hahaha

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