the boy and the rotting tooth

I think my dentist was upset when I snapped this picture with my phone. I even felt a little bad taking it. It's a funny position to be in; feeling bad about taking a picture of a picture of a part of your own body.

There was once a boy who’s third molar began to rot in his mouth. He was at a peculiar age where his body was beginning to change; producing cruel smells and stretching all over, so he didn’t pay it any mind when his jaw began to ache. Years passed, and he realized the ache on the right side of his jaw was special, and not like the growing pains he had suffered in his adolescence. He went to the dentist and to his surprise the tooth had just about rotted out of his mouth!

One root canal, and three years later, the poor boy’s jaw began to ache again.
He didn’t understand the pain. His tooth had been plucked of all it’s nerves, and filled with plaster. The only thing remaining inside; a tiny screw, reenforcing the walls of the tooth.It was unfair enough that he had to suffer such a mature dental procedure at an early age, but now it seemed the root canal hadn’t worked!
His dentist explained that the pain he was feeling was an infection that had formed above his third molar. After reviewing the boys record he noticed a trend in his xrays. The anatomy of the his gums was just no good! Together they realized the root canal was probably unavoidable, as any further dental work on that particular side of his mouth would be.

“phew” said the boy. 

of course, this was all to my relief. I really thought I was this dirty mofo who had smoked the teeth out of my mouth or even had gum disease. I feel much better now. Of course I am having my gums sliced open next week so that my dentist can scrape out the infection.

I’m a real scumbag. I did get the iron gym though. I’m gunna have a sixpack this summer.





2 responses to “the boy and the rotting tooth

  1. Man let me know how that goes. I might have to get the same thing done on my wisdom teeth one day!

  2. Eww sixpack. D-d-d-don’t do it. Baby.

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